Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat

Director: Kiran Rao
Producer: UTV
Starring : Prateik Babbar,Aamir Khan,Monica Dogra,Kriti Malhotra,Danish Hussain,Jehan Manekshaw,Kitu Gidwani,Ashok Varma,Sanjivani Oagle,Aasha Pawar,Jyoti Pawar,Babita Sehgal,Jitendra Shinde,Nafisa Amin Khan,Rohit Tiwari
Release Date: 21 Jan 2011
Genre: Social
Language: HIndi
Country: India
Synopsis: Dhobi Ghat is a little peek at life in the different social classes in Mumbai: Arun the painter, and his upper class world; Shai the NRI, on her sabbatical; Munna, the ‘dhobi’ (laundry guy) and rat killer; and Yasmin, the middle class housewife who moved to Mumbai when she got married.

Yasmin’s story is actually set before the movie starts, and is only shown through a series of home videos she makes as letters to her brother, which Arun discovers in his new apartment. The center of it all is the inter-class relationships, mainly between Shai and Munna, but also the connection that Arun begins to feel with Yasmin as he watches her videos. Aamir Khan does very well in conveying the evolution of this unusual one way relationship he builds. He is, as usual, at his best in this role.

Dhobi Ghat Movie Poster And Trailer 2011Dhobi Ghat Movie Poster And Trailer 2011

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